Diamond Razor Edge Bow

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Diamond Razor Edge Bow

With Diamond’s proven, high performance single cam technology, precision machined aluminum risers, and noise dampening InVelvet coating, every Diamond Bow is built for quiet, precise, powerful performance for deadly results, shot after shot. And thanks to its modular and rotating mod adjustment systems, every Diamond gives precise, individualized adjustment for valley and draw length preferences to give you a bow that feels perfect every time you draw it back.

Result? Deadly accurate, powerful performance that truly reflects the perfection of a Diamond. The Razor Edge Compound Bow Package from Diamond is the perfect choice to start off a beginning archer intent on developing into a serious bowhunter. This package combines the amazingly flexible Razor Edge bow from Diamond with all the accessories a young hunter needs to head to the woods and begin hunting. Made to grow with a young hunter, this bow utilizes a dual cam, rotating mod system that provides an adjustable draw length range of 19” – 29”! The Razor Edge also features a specially designed ergonomic grip designed to fit a broad range of hand sizes comfortably. Despite its flexibility and features tailored for younger hunters, this bow is still a Diamond. With its redesigned Zero Tolerance machined aluminum riser, quiet InVelvet coating, and Diamond’s high performance cams and limbs, the technology in this bow is indicative of its serious archery capabilities.

Axle-to-axle length: 31”.
Brace height: 7”.
IBO arrow speed: 308 fps at maximum draw (29”).
Adjustable letoff: 75%.
Color: Camo Package includes: 3-pin fiber optic sight, Hostage capture arrow rest, black four-arrow quiver, braided wrist sling, and peep sight Features: Razor Edge youth bow with all the accessories you need to start shooting Includes bow, 3-pin fiber optic sight, capture arrow rest, 4-arrow quiver, braided wrist sling, and peep sight Bow grows with young archer from the first shot to hunting from the stand Dual cam with rotating mod for adjustable draw length from 19” – 29” Specially designed grip fits a wide range of hand sizes Redesigned machined aluminum riser High performance Diamond cams and limbs.