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Pastor Larson Johansson, the energetic and newly ordained Norwegian minister, was called to guide the souls of the Lutheran Church of the Good Life – a congregation of largely elderly and good folks from the Old Country. After two weeks, Pastor Johansson was already a smashing success having raised enough money to install a new electric wheel chair that would trolley the weak and feeble up and down the flight of stairs leading from the church entrance. It was no …

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The sport with the fly is a popular one these days. I long for the times when a chance meeting with fellow fly fisherman on beauty’s banks was met with celebration – a chance to exchange a story or two and, if lucky, to pawn a homemade fly in exchange for a complimentary word about its craftsmanship and allure. But these days, nearly all my lucky spots are overrun with impatient fishermen, scurrying from hole to hole, who have nary …

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What have we here? This is big brookie haven! Careful now, approach silently from the upstream shallows and make sure the sunset stays to my right.

As far as I could tell, here was the best hole in this stretch of the creek. Just two hours before, I had painstakingly fished this hole and worked my way through the babbling riffles and all the way downstream of the meandering Cook’s Run. In fact, this is where I entered the creek those …

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Scarred for Life

This is a the story that happened to my husband. I personally thought it was extremely funny. My macho bow and gun hunting tsar goes gun hunting one year; the year he bought his new and improved, ultimate deer-slaying scope. One morning very early, a nice 6 pointer comes strolling by the tree stand some extended yards away (somewhat startling the deer-slayer out a morning/post Bud slumber I am sure). Shoots, misses..

Well.. when he came home that weekend he was …