Saving Tracker John

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“I got a real good deal on the float tube, but the only swim fins they had left at Bendover Bob’s Bait and Barber Shop cost me an arm and a leg”, explained Tracker. “Bob personally recommended this high-capacity, state-of-the-art hand pump designed specifically for belly boat inflation. Bob also mentioned that I was quite shrewd to have purchased these accessories before one of his knowledgeable customers bought them. Why don’t you take the first shift driving and I’ll just get the directions out of the box and read them so I’ll know how to belly boat by the time we get to Grand Marais,” said Tracker.

Grand Marais was a welcome sight that Friday night in early August after some six hours of driving and listening to Tracker’s endless feature-function-benefit diatribe. “Listen,” I said. “How about we just check into the motel, you buy me dinner and a few drinks and I’ll share my years of belly boating experience with you. In fact, I’ll throw in a few fly fishing tips too.”