Scarred for Life

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Scarred for Life

This is a the story that happened to my husband. I personally thought it was extremely funny. My macho bow and gun hunting tsar goes gun hunting one year; the year he bought his new and improved, ultimate deer-slaying scope. One morning very early, a nice 6 pointer comes strolling by the tree stand some extended yards away (somewhat startling the deer-slayer out a morning/post Bud slumber I am sure). Shoots, misses..

Well.. when he came home that weekend he was having a hard time looking me in the face. I thought it was just because he came home empty handed. Until….. I see his face. He had a very red, bloody half-moon gash right between his eyes! When I asked him what happened, he replied he had a problem with his NEW scope! LOL

Ahhh a lesson learned, but that poor gun wielding deer slayer now must be reminded of this most embarrassing incident every morning when he looks at himself in the mirror. The poor thing is scarred for life.

Colleen A. Sedlacek